In the Al-Jauhari Hosting Online Control Panel you’ll find a simple to use Website Builder application, that can be used to make your new site. Al-Jauhari Hosting’s Site Builder provides more than 100 specific web themes, offered in numerous color options, that you can customize to your preference. In order to create a brand new site, you won’t have to understand HTML, PHP, CSS or any other back–end language. What you need to be aware of is how to work together with the easy–to–use manager of the Website Builder. It can be used to quickly create completely new webpages, edit their contents, incorporate completely new elements to your website and even more.

A simple–to–operate Website Builder

No coding experience is needed

With the Website Builder included in the Online Control Panel, you’ll be able to kick off your individual web site with quick point & click steps. With the included manager, you can quickly include different webpages, control present ones, modify the look and feel of your website, etc. If you’ve ever used a web app anything similar to Word or Excel, then you definitely know just how to make use of our Web–site Builder.

And here is the best part – you do not have to know the right way to craft and create a web site and don’t have to make use of or comprehend any HTML, CSS and even PHP. And when you need help, you can check out our how–to help articles and instructional videos.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

Many Website Templates

We have over 1 hundred website themes

We offer over a hundred layout themes with a variety of color schemes and various styles. This way, you can easily make your website one of a kind from the very beginning. You can insert additional web pages, alter their setup, and so forth.

If you no longer enjoy the appear of your web site, you can easily change the web–site template, the color setup and the layout at any time. The whole contents are going to be saved and will show up on the brand new template right away.

Multiple Website Templates

How–to Training Videos

Discover how simple it really is to generate a web site

If you’re having a difficult time applying the Web–site Installer, we have put together a handy collection of video tutorials to help you. From constructing a fresh web page, to personalizing your webpages, you can check out a video lesson that can illustrate precisely how it’s all carried out. All of our video tutorials are matched to the most frequently asked questions about Al-Jauhari Hosting’s Site Builder.

Apart from the educational videos, you could also consider our finely detailed support center, jam packed with how–to instructions in addition to detailed courses. Our own support is also on shift 24 hours a day if you’d like real–time help.

Video Tutorials